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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 19, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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in fairfax county and they believe that same guy was involved in similar incidents in surrounding jurisdictions. now, it is not yet clear how many of these incidents brad edmonds will be charged in, but we do know this, edmonds lives in octon hills. he is charged with several burglary and frirms charges and now being -- firearms charges and now being held on $425,000 bond. some perhaps will sleep a little easier in fairfax and montgomery counties tonight. >> derek, thanks for the update. we also have breaking news from prince george's county right now. that's where police say they've made an arrest in a string of car vandalism cases. as many as 250 vehicles were hit. police say they've taken one adult and two 16-year-old males into custody. the adult, 20-year-old brandon dominic white of tkpwhraáeul, maryland. police say they also recovered two bb guns that were used to damage car windshields. one person killed, another injured on the dulles toll
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road. sky 9 is over the scene where one vehicle rear ended another between the toll plaza and the exits to the beltway. when one of the drivers got out to inspect the damage, they were struck and killed by a third car. the accident has traffic backed up on the toll road right now for miles. still no verdict in the chandra levy murder trial, but we did get a question from the jury which might be a sign that they are edging closer to a decision on the fate of ingmar guandique. bruce johnson is trying to read the tea leaves at superior court. can we get an idea of what they're up to in that secret combined jury room? >> reporter: we can only make educated guesses. we did get a chance to get a look at the jury today. they came in with that question, and i'll tell ya what, they looked exhausted, blery-eyed, perhaps a little bit frustrated. but here is what they were asking about, this is the verdict sheet, the jury instructions. and we could have some video that will show you some tight shots in it.
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i would suggest to you that the question maybe indicates that they are getting down to going line by limpb through this line through this jury sheet and jury instructions and verdict sheet and the question they were dealing with was about this first-degree felony murder kidnapping charge. they wanted to know what the definition was of assault, and that was actually left out of these jury instructions. so the judge gave them the instruction that assault is down to as little as offensive touching. but as they were going through this, the prosecutor realized that they left out a clause here that was important and kind of expands this definition out a little bit, and they said that if ingmar guandique had taken items of value from the person of chandra levy, that that as well would constitute the assault as defined in this
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kidnapping, felony murder charge, and so that was included as well. and this question of taking items of personal value is important because the prosecutors contend that chandra levy had a fanny pack on her person when she went out walking in rock creek park back in 2001, and when they found her body, there was no fanny pack on her person, the contention of the prosecutor -- that ingmar guandique took that fanny pack with some money and so forth in it. a lot of the vetting down here was that we would get a verdict today. obviously we haven't. the jury has gone home. will come back on monday. we're keeping an eye on things. when we get a verdict, we'll let you know. >> bruce, thank you for that. former prosecutor and now defense attorney jim shal et joins us now. jim, what could today's question mean for this case? >> well, generally, a note like that is good for the government because if the jury felt that he wasn't there, didn't do it, what difference does it make what the definition of assault is?
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so that's generally a good note for the government, but as i said to you earlier, lesli, this is a tough case for the government, no eyewitness, no dna evidence, they got prior attacks on two women and a cellmate who says he killed her. >> with no physical evidence, a lot of this is circumstantial. >> it's a very, very tough case. i mean, there's nobody putting him at the scene except a cellmate who says in a vague way he says he killed her. can you believe the cellmate? and there was another cellmate who was brought forward to say i was there a lot with these guys and i never heard him confess. >> bruce was describing the jurors as being tired, exhausted, bleary-eyed. we were talking and you said friday is a key day that a jury will sort of come to sort some of a decision on a friday. now we're going into next week. what's your sense about whether this jury is actually going to
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be able to come to a decision or whether this could end up being a hung jury? >> this is a very difficult case for a jury. i'm sure they want to convict somebody for this horrible crime. however, they're bound to do it based on the evidence, and the evidence is not that strong in this case. >> i know we gotta get outta here, but you said before this is not such a high profile case, someone like guandique would have been acquitted long ago. >> that's quite possible. the emotions are on the side of the government, but the evidence is not strong, not strong at all. >> all right, jim, we'll see what the jury decides when they go back to deliberate on monday morning. thank you. >> thank you. >> anita. >> thanks. we have an update as well from west potomac high school where things are going back to the way they used to be. after a severe backlash, the school that banished fs and gave a second chance to cheating students is reversing course. the principal sent a letter home today saying the alexandria school will return to its prior disciplinary policy. that includes fs for students
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who are failing at the end of each grading period. students caught cheating or plagiarizing can also lose class credits. the principal says after talking with parents, teachers and students it became clear to him "we do not have the consensus to change your grading practices from prior years." president obama arrived in portugal today for two days of summit meetings centered around the future of the war in afghanistan and shoring up the world's economy. joel brown joins us live from the white house. joel, not all the global leaders joining him around the same page -- are on the same page. >> reporter: i'll tell you what, anita, compared to last week's g20 trip, this is a very brief european swing for the president, but it doesn't lessen the importance of this trip. nato is into its 10th year fighting in afghanistan. so finding a way out was at the top of the agenda. this roundtable of world leaders signed off on one of president obama's top priorities, an exit strategy in afghanistan.
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they planned to start gradually withdrawing troops by next july. >> so this summit is an important opportunity for us to align and approach the transition in afghanistan. >> reporter: the escalating war is dominating discussions at nato's two-day summit. of the 140,000 coalition troops, 2/3 are americans, but a record number of allied casualties this year is ramping up pressure for an exit plan. the president wants to fully hand over security to the afghans by the end of 2014. here at the white house, the administration is eager to show that the president is not taking his eye off the nation's economy, even though he's back on the road. in meetings with portugal's prime minister, the president pushed for more trade that will translate into u.s. jobs. >> my highest priority for both our countries and that is creating jobs and prosperity for our people. >> reporter: but not everyone is on the same page. saturday the president sits down with european leaders for meetings on fixing the global
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economy, while the white house favors more stimulus spending, more europeans are pushing drastic spending cuts and tax hikes. despite the differences, all sides say they want to cooperate, a united front in fighting a war and an economic crisis. so nato leaders are also voicing for start. that is the nuclear treaty he signed with russia. it's been sitting in the senate for months and the president is calling for senators to sign off on it before they recess, but republicans are still saying they need more time. anita. >> joel brown, thank you. it was a busy 24 hours for d.c. firefighters. crews made a dramatic rescue this morning at a home on lorrade place northwest. by the time they got there, flames had engulfed the entire second floor. one person had to be pulled from the home. >> we know the fire was on the second floor. right now we're in the process of determining the cause and origin, and then what we'll do is we'll know more about the fire, what caused it after
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that. >> the 93-year-old woman who was rescued is in the hospital with some critical injuries. three people are recovering from smoke inhalation after fire ripped through a northwest building last night. a total of six people had to be rescued from that building on kennedy street. the two-story building houses a church and apartments. investigators say the fire started in a first-floor unit and spread to the second floor. there's no word yet on the exact cause. a man pushing his car down a dark highway is struck and killed by another vehicle. it happened around 1:00 this morning on the bw parkway just north of route 1 nech in laurel. the victim was pushing his car on the southbound side. police say a car struck him in the process and he died on the scene. police say this is a reminder of the dangers of doing repairs on a dark highway. >> when people are disabled on the highway, they should stay in their vehicles, notify the police or a tow truck to come to assist them. we can make sure that the scene is a lot safer for you if you need to make repairs to your vehicle. >> the incident closed the
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southbound side of the parkway until just before the morning rush. we've got a commuter alert for drivers on the beltway in northern virginia. you want to stay away from the outer loop to the telegraph road interchange this weekend to avoid some major delays. construction on the wilson brink is going to -- bridge is going to require the outer loop to be narrowed between the eisenhower avenue exit and then just east of telegraph road. vdot says traffic could be backed up to springfield or even further. >> this is one of the larger paces and it is the last piece of the puzzle that completes this woodrow wilson corridor. >> vdot suggests that you take route 1 as an alternate route and work starts tonight, continues through sunday evening just in time for the monday evening rush hour. let's get a check on the evening rush hour on a friday night. typically a busy time, right, richard? >> reporter: as a matter of fact, we are finding the brake lights on the beltway inner loop, all the way in virginia from the george washington parkway extending through montgomery county all the way to
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new hampshire avenue and i-95 in prince george's county. some brakes on the way, but basically you'll be on the brake lights, so keep that in mind. slow also on the outer loop from the 270 spur going back to virginia to the dulles toll road. you should find all lanes over there. virginia, southbound 95 from washington boulevard down to duke street. beyond that point, southbound 95 quite slow from beyond the beltway going to 123 and even past that point to quantico slowing. still ahead, a woman who was sexually assaulted sues a local taxi company for leaving her in a dangerous area against her will. >> reporter: if you are headed to high school football playoff games tonight, take a jacket or sweatshirt. temps falling pretty quickly. we'll show you the current temp. low 50s in some spots, but already in the 40s in many spots. we'll also tell you why the number eight could be lucky for
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us. i'm manugiagas in new york. sarah palin has a new book coming out in which she talks about president obama and reality tv. we'll have that story coming up.
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this is southbound i-95 at ripen landing in dale city this morning. the exit ramp was shut down for a while as crews worked to clear the overturned trailer. no reports of any injuries. sky 9 captures the scene over i-270 where a car slowed down the morning commute. that car burst into flames on the southbound lanes of route 124 in gaitersburg. two lanes were shut down briefly while firefighters put out the blaze. no one was hurt. dutch authorities are
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examining natalee holloway's dental records to find out if a jaw bone found last friday in aruba could be hers. the alabama teen disappeared in 2005 while on a graduation trip to the caribbean island. the jaw bone was found by a tourist on the aruba beach. hallowway's father has been told that the bone comes from a young woman. an oregon man faces the possibility he'll be spending the holiday without his missing son. second grader kyron horman disappeared six months ago in portland. his biological parents are no longer together, but they both accuse the stepmother, terry horman for the disappearance. she's refused to talk. but he is speaking to "the early show." >> how much do you worry people will forget? >> i worry about it all the time. we went out yesterday at one of the local malls and passed out flyers to the businesses and a couple of comments, oh, i thought he was home already. and that just reaffirms that we gotta keep getting it out
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there. >> while searching for his son, kane horman holds down a full-time job and acts as a single dad to his daughter kiera. he says kiera longs for the return of her brother. sarah palin has a new book coming out next week and portions have leaked out on the internet. >> in the book, palin expresses her strong opinions on everything from the current administration to reality tv. manuel giagas has the details from new york. >> reporter: sarah palin's new book doesn't say whether she'll run for president, but with another popular best seller, tv shows and public appearances in political hi-important -- politically important states, she appears to be laying the groundwork as explain today barbara walters. >> if you ran for president, do you believe you could beat president obama? >> reporter: palin takes a swipe at barack obama saying he is among those who seems to think the tea party is racially prejudice. she also goes after the first lady, suggesting michelle obama hasn't shown enough pride in her
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country. sarah palin's first book "going rogue" sold over 2 million copies. the new book will have a first printing of 1 million and it's expected to be a best seller. >> from what i just recently read, 40% believe she should run for president, so perhaps that's the percentage that could be interested. >> reporter: readers will also get palin's take on pop culture. she criticizes "people 2 people" saying con -- criticizes "american idol," but she uplifts "dancing with the stars" and says her daughter is uplifting her in a fun new way. she writes, it was disgusting to watch as his 15 minutes of fame were exploited by supposed adults taking advantage of a lost kid. palin has complained on twitter about the leak of what she called out-of-context excerpts from the new book which isn't officially released until tuesday. >> publisher harper collins
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said palin worked with a ghost writer on boast books and planning a multi-state book tour. expect more traffic jams than usual over thanksgiving weekend if you're headed north on i-95. the problem, is the work around the new arc delaware toll plaza. delays could start as early as tuesday and last until the monday after thanksgiving. so the best advice? find a different way to get there. this weekend many of you will head out to pick the perfect bird to adorn your thanksgiving dinner table and while the prices may change where you live, here's a sampling of what you can expect to pay at some area stores. at giant, a fresh shady brooke turkey sells for 99 cents a pound. that same turkey frozen sells for 47 cents a pound and a frozen butterball sells for 99 cents a pound. over at shoppers food warehouse stores in northern virginia, a
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frozen marval prime turkey sells for 47 cents a pound and that fresh shady brooke young turkey there sells for 99 cents a pound. by the way, that's not turkey. >> no. but it is neat. >> it is neat. >> stinky meat. if you like kosher, if you want to do kosher, i know that whole foods is selling them for $3.49 a pound, a lot more expensive. also if you don't eat meat, faux turkey options. tofurkey. let's move over to what we have here. the smell is wasting. >> these folks send it to me every year, it's ukrainian catholic natural shrine at the holy family and want to have their annual christmas bazaar. it's sunday hairwood road northeast 4250 hairwood road. >> we get a closeup of those sausages. that looks good. >> the sausage, dumplings, it's all good. 10:00 a.m.
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to 4:00 p.m. every sunday, it's going to be rain or shine. let's talk about temperatures. could eight be our lucky number? yes, it could be, our eighth consecutive nice weekend. >> awesome. awesome fall weather. >> how's that? temps are falling like a stone out to the west. 43 in sphaás, 48 in leesburg, 43 up in fredrick, 45 in gaitersburg and 40 downtown. if you're headed to friday night football. we got tkpwaáeuftersburg at sherwood, a marquise game. temperatures in the 40s, clear and crisp. grab a jacket please, at least the sweatshirt. remember, you can always keep up with the scores at dc.high we'll have all the highlights. a nice november weekend. saturday breezy and milder. now saturday night cold again and then mostly sunny but cool on sunday. then we go back to mild weather on monday. so temperatures still kind of going up and down for the next four days or so. tonight clear skies, cold. 34 to 42. winds will turn southwesterly at 10. that will actually keep temps
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up a little bit. the winds were to go dead calm and not turn to the southwest, we'd probably see some upper 20s tonight. instead 45 in gaitersburg, 45 in buoy. that's one of the colder readings, actually. and 30s out to the west of us. again, a pretty chilly night, but the good news is no winds. saturday morning mostly sunny and cold, you know, grab your shades and light jacket, 30ed and 40s. winds briefly southwest at 10 to 15. by afternoon, partly cloudy and milder, highs near 60. that's a good deal. winds turn northwesterly only at 10. zone forecast, only in the 40s for oakland tomorrow. everybody else in the 50s. 55 in cumberland, upper 50s for hagerstown. 60 for cullpepper, that's a warm reading. downtown we should make 60. 59 over for annapolis, small craft advisories expire at 10:00 a.m. next three days, nice on saturday. i mean, it's still a nice day on sunday, just cooler, sunshine, and we're looking at 64, milder on monday. now, the next seven days looks like this, we're looking at
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temperatures generally in the 60s. as a matter of fact, it gets sort of chilly toward the end of the week. winter will make a comeback. 66 on tuesday, 60 on monday and then we're looking at temperatures in the upper 50s on thanksgiving. i've delayed the cold air for a day, so some showers possible on thanksgiving, and, yes, i have some snow here, snow showers, no less, on friday morning, temperatures only 42 for a high. >> whoa! >> that is a change. we have been very blessed this fall. >> we really have. >> thanks for bringing us that food. >> my pleasure. >> it's stinky. still ahead tonight, watch out, this is today's top pick. everybody wants a piece of ironman coming up after the break. up next, one lawmaker lays the smackdown on another in the parliament in argentina. we'll show you what happened.
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germany remains on high alert for a possible terrorist attack. this after germany's top security official now says a suspicious package found in an airport yesterday was designed
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to test airport security. the suitcase was found near bags found from munich. investigators are still trying to figure out who put it there. that threat came amid heightened concerns of terrorist threats against germany. washington archbishop donald whorl will be elevated by pope benedict storm. archbishop whorl is one of 25 new roman catholic that will be installed saturday at the vatican. cardinals began arriving ahead of this big meeting and one of the big things they'll be discussing is the priest sexual abuse scandal. catholic school students across d.c., maryland and virginia all wore red today to celebrate the cardinal designatee and our lady of victory school in northwest, they also showed off a special congratulations banner. they were handed out money at president lincoln's cottage in northwest. the u.s. mint introduced the new abraham lincoln $1 coin this morning.
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the ceremony coincides with the 147th anniversary of the delivery of the gettysburg address. children received the new lincoln coins to commemorate the event and adults exchanged their cash for coin rolls. you think it's difficult to get republicans and democrats to agree in washington, check out this video from argentina. that would be a smackdown, a female lawmaker smacked a colleague in the mouth during a heated budget debate. some may say it was deserved, that man apparently made some disparaging remarks about the lawmaker's husband and she reached out to let him know don't do that. >> can't get personal. coming up next new at 5:30: >> reporter: a woman is sexually assaulted after a cab driver leaves her by the side of the road in the middle of the night. i'm peggy fox, coming up, the $5 million lawsuit.
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right now new at 5:30, a woman who was sexually assaulted sues a local taxi cab company for leaving her in a dangerous area against her will. >> in the midst of the energy drink caffeine controversy, we're going to show you a drink that claims to do just the
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opposite and helps you to chill out. and a driver being tased by police crashes through an airport fence right onto the runway. now our top story, a woman who was sexually assaulted is now suing a local taxi cab company and she says the driver left her in a dangerous area in the middle of the night when she was attacked. new at 5:30, peggy fox is live in our newsroom with the series of events that prompted this lawsuit. peggy. >> reporter: well, the cab driver was angry the woman didn't have enough cash to pay her fare. she was short $1.95. >> it's unbelievable that a human being can act so calusly to another human being. >> reporter: imagine being forced to walk along this street at 4:00 in the morning, a woman who says she was left here in the middle of the night by a cab driver has the misfortune to run into this guy, james samuel williams, now a convicted sex offender with multiple offenses. she recently filed a $5 million lawsuit against arlington bluetop cab and the cab driver who first drove her to her home that night. the lawsuit says the woman
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tried to pay with a credit card, but the cabbie said it didn't go through. she only had $18 on her and the fare was $19.95. he demanded he drive her to an atm, so at 3:30 in the morning, right along north washington street, he found one right here. but the atm was out of service. the lawsuit says the driver took the woman's $18 and forced her out of the cab. police say she started walking and was approached by williams who said he had a gun, dragged her behind this building and sexually assaulted her. we tried to find out if arlington bluetop cab has any rules about what cabbies should do if someone doesn't have enough money, but the manager told us his attorney advised him not to speak. >> on a human level it sounds very wrong that he left her there, so he definitely should pay some consequences. >> i kind of understand it from the driver's standpoint, but in that particular case, yeah, you wished that he would have maybe passed up on the $2.
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>> reporter: now, the lawsuit says the credit card payment actually went through when the woman first tried to pay. that lawsuit alleges negligence, fraud, breach of contract and false imprisonment. lesli, anita. >> peggy, what a story. what about the man who sexually assaulted her? >> reporter: james samuel williams has been convicted on 10 counts for the sexual assault in alexandria county and others in fairfax county. he's in the county jail waiting to be moved to a state prison to serve out his life sentence behind bars. >> peggy fox, thank you. a buoy man was arrested on child pornography charges today. 31-year-old alvin sanders is charged with 11 counts of distributing and possessing child pornography. now, police say a search of his computer recovered files depicting children involve inside various sexual activities. he is being held at the prince george's county county detention center. two brothers are accused of stealing exotic animals from a
5:33 pm
baltimore mach center. police say the 11 and 14-year-old boys took in turtles, chameleons and a hissing cockroach from the caring marine center. all the animals have been recovered. the kids have been released into their parent's custody. the boys in your life, the boys in your life will clamber over this. he walks, he talks, he launches missiles. let's see if he can do that now. can you walk? okay. maybe not. >> maybe launch a missile. >> maybe launch a missile. let's try this now. can you launch, can you walk? i am really disappointed. >> under pressure, i know. >> it was performing earlier today. but this is the rc walking ironman. this is hasbro's superhero. it's one of the top 10 toys for boys this year. of course you can press his
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chest and he'll talk. [ talking ] >> okay. thank you. good-bye. this is recommended for 4 and up and we're showing this toy on the set, but you should not play with it on the set, it should be on a hard surface on the floor. let's get to our deals, not so dangerous at all. let's get to the deals. our deals of the day include a door-to-door, wall-to-wall sale that has something for the night outlines and -- owls and the early birds. kohl's kicks off the early bird sale. the store will be open until midnight tonight. if you check your stride early -- actually, we don't have this up right now. why don't i go to the story because this story coming up now is about -- oh, are we going to come back to our deals? okay. let's go back to the deals. the kohl's power hour i was just telling you about, today is a big night. stores open until midnight where you get the big deals and on saturday you can check out those deals from 6:00 a.m.
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6:00. looking for something really unique? two dozen of the country's top fashion designers along with artists and jewelry makers will be offering a one-of-a-kind shopping this weekend. they're talking part in the washington craft show at the d.c. convention center. authors from 30 states are participating here. general admission is $15 with discounts for seniors and students for this holiday show. well, the weekend is here. topper is on your terrace with your "out and about forecast." >> it's actually a nice night for november, but it's going to get cold quickly. we're going to talk high school football because we have playoffs tonight. anticipate temperatures in the 40s. by the time the games are over, temperatures will be in the 40s. crisp, nice night. not much wind to add with that. you can keep us with the latest scores at d we'll have the latest at 11:00. let's talk about the day planner for tomorrow, cold to start
5:37 pm
again, mid-40s to mid-30s. 56 by lunchtime and 59 by evening. very, very nice day. we'll come back, take you through the rest of the weekend and look ahead at some of the travel days tuesday and wednesday. >> thanks, topper. up next, caught on tape, a police chase goes from the highway to the runway. coming up new at 6:00, metro responds to our questions about last year's problems at the fair gat north station. we'll have the answers when we come back. don't forget, we are always on at stay with us. we'll be right back. 8
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caught on tape, dramatic police video putting you in the driver's seat. the dashboard cam captured a suspect trying to get away from police in dallas, texas. the chase went right through an
5:40 pm
airport fence and onto the runway at love field. the suspect eventually surrendered and faces a federal indictment tonight. it's time for a check on the evening rush. richard has your time saver traffic. >> reporter: in maryland along northbound i-270, still quite heavy and slow from the beltway going up about montgomery village avenue, then a break. once again you'll be on the brakes from route 27 heading up to the truck weigh station. all lanes should be open going northbound. southbound quite heavy and slow as you move from rockledge drive down to the inner belt of the ramps. driving in virginia, southbound 95 quite heavy and slow from around the beltway going from beyond 123 heading down toward quantico. 395 southbound slow from washington boulevard at least as you head down toward duke street. earlier crash we had on the eastbound dulles toll road eastbound of 7 now is clearing. one lane gets by on the eastbound toll road moving toward the beltway. there's good news. still quite heavy and slow eastbound toll road between
5:41 pm
route 7 and 495. back to you. we've got some breaking news coming out of the d.c. metropolitan police department. assistant chief diane grooms has beened on administrative leave. chief kathy lanier says the move comes as investigators look into allegations that she may have compromised a test given to some members of the command staff. the department of internal affairs is handling the case. chief lanier says test results for all members of the command staff have been invalidated and a new test is going to be developed. it is a big night of high school football in virginia and maryland, and coming up we profile the start of a former redskins who does not want to live off the reputation of his father. up next, you've heard all the hub ub of high alcohol, high caffeine beverages, but here's one that has the opposite affect. how well does it work?
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. topping tonight's health alert, people suffer frg migraines have a new treatment in the arsenal certainly.
5:45 pm
the fda have approved botox for people who have 15 or more headaches per month. it's most commonly used to get rid of wrinkles. doctors have been using it off limit now. it causes the muscle to relax. >> the goal of any of these preventative treatments is not to cure your headaches. it's actually to decrease the intensity of a headache, increase the frequency of the headache. >> migraine sufferers need 20 to 30 injections in the forehead, temples and neck. with the fda approval, the treatments will more likely be covered by insurance. so many drinks taunt their energy-boosting ingredients. we've been talking them this week. tonight a drink that claims it has the opposite affect on users to help them unwind. >> reporter: at the end of a long day, some people reach for a glass of wine, but there's a new drink hitting shelves that's promising to help people relax without the alcohol and far fewer calories. >> it is the ultimate
5:46 pm
relaxation beverage. >> reporter: it's called unwind and it claims to help you do just that. >> this helps mellow you out, helps relieve the stress and really calms you down. >> reporter: we had employees at toka salon and day spa in alexandria to try it out to see how it made them feel after a busy day with clients. >> it was very nice. i really liked the flavor. >> i took it at nighttime before i went to bed. it was excellent. it calmed me down and relaxed my whole body. >> reporter: the drink is 40 calories and 10 grams of sugar. the ingredients are melatonin and passion flower, herbals that are supposed to help combat insomnia and anxiety and are all things people can find at nutritional health food stores. we talked to nutrition expert who says the drinks aren't unsafe, but she worries about possible side effects from too much melatonin. >> decreased sex drive both for men and women, headaches, nausea and a battery of other
5:47 pm
unpleasant symptoms and can be extremely harmful side effects. >> reporter: she feels there are plenty of healthy low-cal snacks to help the brain relax and get you ready for sleep. >> things like soy milk, soy beans, lentils, protein foods like chicken, turkey, any poultry almost. you want to keep the fat content down. >> so some ideas, and, of course, there's also that cup of herbal tea that helps some people relax. if you want to try unwind, you can find these anywhere canada dry products are sold and each can goes for about $2. some debt collectors are using a new tool to do their job, facebook. and now in at least one case in florida, they may have to pay the price. a st. petersburg woman claims one collector sent her messages on facebook about a $362 unpaid car loan. she also claims the collector contacted her family via facebook. the woman is now suing the bill collector, claiming he violated her privacy. the bill collector says he did nothing wrong.
5:48 pm
well, on our facebook page, we asked if you thought the woman had a case. julia understands the company wants their money but thinks it's going over the line to take to harassing family members and associates. tamara ward writes, wow, that seems kind of wrong, but at the same time if you paid your bills, you wouldn't have to experience that. anthony says next thing you know, they're going to live right next door and all you're going to hear when you walk outside is where's our money. become a facebook fan at and tell us what you think. what we want to know is there another nice weekend headed our way? >> there is. i think it's number eight. if i counted correctly, it's number eight. it rained the latter part of sunday, but i count that as a good one too. let's talk about what's going on. temperature wise, it is falling very, very quickly. 47 at andrews, 50 downtown. but we have some 30s in manassas. that thermometer runs a little bit cold. you get the idea. it's falling fast. 33 in leesburg.
5:49 pm
a nice november weekend. breezy and milder on saturday, cold again saturday night if you have plans and then mostly sunny and just cool on sunday. monday milder again, so kind of a temperature roller coaster the next three or four days. tonight clear and cold. 34 to 42, and winds out of the southwest at about 10. and, in fact, those southwest winds will keep it from getting even colder. 35 in gaitersburg, 36 in rockville. 36 reston, 35 in sterling and 35 in leesburg, maybe even 34 in manassas. the zone forecast, sunshine for the mountains and the coast, but just kind of cool if you're west of the divide. you're in the 40s. of course, you were in the 30s today, that's an improvement. 55 in cumberland and upper 50s for hagers town, martinsburg and winchester. 61 culpepper, everybody else upper 50s, leesburg, manassas, fairfax and downtown. we're looking at 60ish downtown, 59 for annapolis and there are
5:50 pm
no small craft advisories after 10:00 a.m. on saturday. nice on saturday, 60. the terps now play saturday night. it's going to be a cold game. keep that in mind. low 50s isn't bad for mid-november and we're back up to 64 by monday. travel days, and i'm including now tuesday as a travel day because it kind of is. rain showers tuesday, 66. we get a little bit of a respite and another shot of rain and showers on wednesday, 60. i've delayed the cold air for a day. some showers on thanksgiving and 58. and, yes, your eyes do not deceive you, that is a snowflake on friday morning, temperatures in the low 40s for highs. so we're looking at really a shot of arctic air. we haven't said that yet this year. >> you don't need to. >> i won't. >> brrr. >> arctic air coming in. >> i think i'm the only one up here that likes cold weather. bring it on. forget the snow. >> i can pass. we're talking about a young man with a high profile father making his own way. >> reporter: we want our young
5:51 pm
people to make their own way and this young man is definitely doing this. he is six feet tall just like his dad, rangy just like his dad, great speed just like his dad. alex carter is the son of tom carter so he has the blood lines of a pro athlete in him. in this week's "profile piece" brought to you by says he doesn't want to be known as his son. >> reporter: he was a stud defensive back at notre dame. then tom carter became a first-round draft choice of the washington redskins, quickly paying defdz of six picks -- dividends picks his rookie year. six years later his blood lines have produced this. >> alex carter, running back. >> reporter: that's right, alex is the son of the former redskin, but that doesn't define him. >> i don't tell a lot of people because it's not part of me. it's my dad, he did his thing. i'm going to come out and try to do my own thing.
5:52 pm
>> you would not know his dad is a number one draft pick. he doesn't like the limelight too much. >> reporter: these days he's making his own mark right here at briarwoods high school in ashburn and he's proving to recruiters that while his dad may have had nfl talent, the younger carter has game too. >> young carter is the whole package, a 4.1gpa and he has billy to go along with it. >> xaes excite -- it's exciting to have schools look at you and move onto the next level. >> reporter: that will come soon enough. but the first order of business, the playoffs, and after a one-year absence from the post-season, the lights are shining on the falcons once again. >> this our last game, give it everything you got. >> reporter: and they'll rely on the 2010 version of carter to lead the way who acknowledges every time he steps on the field comparisons are inevitable. but dad also encourages him to make his own family legacy. >> he tells me just to do my
5:53 pm
own thing. he did his thing, it's not for me to shine, i gotta do what i gotta do. >> 4.1 grade point average. >> nice. >> i like the scholar and the athlete. very good. absolutely. up next tonight in "friday's heros" we go to a one-stop-shopping spot for the area's low income residents. coming up at 6:00. >> reporter: i'm at bwi airport where they are weighing their options tonight after a florida congressman has asked airports around the country to fire the tsa and go with private security contractors instead. ring ring. progresso.
5:54 pm
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oh yes hi. can you put my grandma on the phone please? thanks. excuse me a sec. another person calling for her grandmother. she thinks it's her soup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs. she is so cute. okay i'll hold. she's holding. wha? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pick vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant
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[ bell ringing ] >> stockings end the the drk -- stocks ended higher. the dow jones was up and the nasdaq was up and the s&p 500 was up. man does not live by bread alone. it's a bible verse that could be the slogan for one local charity known as bread for the city. >> as derek mcginty shows us in this week's "fridays heros" this organization gives much more than just the staples. >> reporter: bread for the city food pantry is a bit like
5:57 pm
calling wal-mart a grocery store, not exactly wrong, but hardly the whole store. >> kind of a one-stop-shop for low income residents here in washington d.c. >> reporter: the executive director george jones. >> it's very common for people to come in because they've heard about our food pantry, whether it's a holiday helpings campaign or throughout the year. they also find out we offer healthcare here, legal services, social services. >> reporter: and when you consider the average bread client only makes about $7000 a year, the one-stop-shop becomes even more critical. >> oftentimes folks arrive on the bus and are getting -- or getting friends to give them a lift over. we can accomplish a lot as one center. >> it's very disheartening if you have to go here and another door is halfway open and you have to go here to open another door and run you around. it's very discouraging, it'll turn you around. here i was able to come and each door just opened fully, completely. >> reporter: seven years ago, michael blue was a bike
5:58 pm
messenger with no health insurance, a sick wife and a body he admits was getting too old for the job. >> they've helped us medically, we've used their law department when we had a landlord tenant issue. one letter from them straightened out the issue we had with them. we've used the food bank. >> reporter: today the wife and the job are a lot better and blue is a city volunteer -- glad for the city volunteer. >> i'm getting help and i love it. >> reporter: to help bread for the city, the gann et foundation, usa today are giving that organization a grant of $10,000, but there are many more families in need this holiday season and just $29 will provide a holiday meal for a family of four. so for a link to this organization or just too find out more information about any of the charities we're profiling, go to our website, and click on the hero central link. anita. >> thank you, derek. thank you for joining us for 9 news now at 5:00.
5:59 pm
9 news now at 6:00 starts right now. more accountability, better efficiency. >> one of the nation's airports is opting to go with private security screeners instead of the tsa. it's part of a push to fire the transportation security agency across the country. tonight we know at least one airport in our may be evaluating its options. bwi marshall is one of the more than 100 airports that a powerful florida congressman has asked to fire the tsa and bring back private contractors. scott broom is at bwi with reaction. >> reporter: that congressman is florida rebound john mica. he is a ferocious tsa critic and he says private security contractors could do a better job than the tsa for a lot less money and without all the highly


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